About Us

Who Are We?

Roo Teeth is an Australian Fan Association, sponsored by Hanabee and  run by and for Rooster Teeth fans in Australia. Roo Teeth was established in February 2011, after the immediate success of it’s very first Australian Rooster Teeth Street Team (ARTST).

Roo Teeth runs the official Annual Rooster Teeth fan event: RTOZ and monthly Street Team gatherings (ARTST)  in most majors cities within Australia.

Who Are They?

Rooster Teeth Productions is the production company behind Red vs. Blue.

They are the creators of Achievement Hunter, Immersion and also responsible for other Machinima projects, Live Action Shorts and other forms of media.
Its website, RoosterTeeth.com, is an online social networking site for people who enjoy Rooster Teeth productions as well as video games, movies and other forms of entertainment.

While Roo Teeth and it’s affiliates support Rooster Teeth and all it’s endeavours, we do strongly recommend that anyone not familiar with Rooster Teeth that expresses interest in attending a Roo Teeth event, should refer to their website first.

Rooster Teeth advises that their productions may contain strong language, adult situations, drug references and violence.