is getting a makeover! Also, new Podcast coming your way!

As you’re all aware, the Roo Teeth website is looking a little disheveled and unloved. Well! – we’re about to change that! All we ask is that you please remain patient with our endeavour to enhance this community site in order to get the Australian Rooster Teeth Fan Community connecting in a way they haven’t done before.

As Founder of the Association, I’m exceptionally excited for the changes the website will undergo, (no pressure Raddlez) and I know you will be too when we unveil them.

While we’re talking about exciting things, be sure to stay tuned for the release of the release of the new Roo Teeth Podcast! We will be starting up again very soon, with a fresh first episode from our revamped series and we’re very excited!

We’ll be introducing some cool segments into the show but in order to do so, we need some community contribution, so who better to go to?

We will be introducing a segment which will be celebrating personal wins for members of the Australian Rooster Teeth community.

  • If you finished your SC, HSC, Degree, Diploma or first year of high school this year
  • if your parents finally let you get a dog (or a rabbit – all hail Bronson!)
  • if you got your first job or a promotion in your current job
  • if you won your first game in a new sport
  • if you got 100% in your favourite game or
  • you just did something you’re super proud of or that’s exciting for you:

Email* explaining your Real Life Achievement & we’ll give you a shout out on the podcast! (if not the first episode, the one after that!)

Thank you again for being such an incredible community to work with. You guys rock!

*If you have previously emailed, then rest assured I have your submissions. You don’t need to resend them. Cheers!

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