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While our website update has taken longer than I anticipated (because I am the WORST web planner ever), I have decided to celebrate the great Australian spirit and feel that today is a good day to share some exciting Roo Teeth news with you.

Firstly, I would like to say a huge thank you to all of the Australian Rooster Teeth fans that support, and are such a big part of, Roo Teeth. 2012 was great, but I feel that 2013 is going to be better – and with your continued support I know that it most certainly will be!

So without further ado, I am very excited to announce the dates and location of Roo Teeth’s major Community Fan Event – RTOZ 2013!

RTOZ 2013 will be on November 8th & 9th in the lovely city of Brisbane, Australia! Putting two and two together, it’s on the same weekend as BrisNova.

A lot of you are probably wondering why we didn’t take advantage of PAXAus being in Melbourne this year, but RTOZ is first and foremost a Community Fan Event.
If we were to run the whole 2 day event alongside PAXAus (with all the live band side shows and extra things happening) we would have some very tired fans and Rooster Teeth guests at our event (if many people could make it at all) which isn’t what you want in a celebration like RTOZ.

In saying this, I will still be coordinating an ARTST (Australian Rooster Teeth Street Team) gathering alongside PAXAus, but it definitely won’t be at the scale of RTOZ. More news on that will be posted in due course.

This is a developing event, so news will be announced as soon as we have it. The moment we know how much tickets will be, we’ll announce it before we put them on sale. Please note: this event will be capped at a smaller amount of people than last year.

So stay tuned, keep checking back and most of all – I hope you had a wicked 2013 Australia Day!

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