What is a street team?

“A street team is a term used in marketing to describe a group of people who ‘hit the streets’ promoting an event or a product. ‘Street Teams’ are a powerful promotional tool that has been adopted industry wide as a standard line item in marketing budgets by entertainment companies, record labels, the tech industry, corporate brand marketers, new media companies and direct marketers worldwide.”
- Wikipedia

What’s the Australian Rooster Teeth Street Team (ARTST)?

ARTST was created early 2011 as a way for Rooster Teeth members from all over Australia to come together and hit the streets in order to promote Rooster Teeth in Oz.

The idea of the Australian Rooster Teeth Street Team is to promote Rooster Teeth (which includes RvB, AH & Immersion) in Australia as the successful online sensation that it is. We want to increase awareness and hopefully encourage people to join the awesome online community.
The ARTST gatherings will be held all over Australia and they’re open to anyone who is willing to participate in whatever the gathering entails.

How does it work?:

Basically, every time there’s an opportunity, members from the site can congregate sporting their Rooster Teeth attire and participate in activities ranging from street team antics (i.e. manning a Roo Teeth booth, handing out pamphlets, pitching Rooster Teeth to a new audience) and visiting conventions and expos as a group, to laser skirmish, bowling, picnics, barbeques and just plain hanging out. So long as you’re representing the Australian Rooster Teeth Street Team in a respectful and responsible manner, the key is just to have a blast!

Our Goals:

-ARTST exists to promote RT, RvB, AH & RTOZ all over Australia.

-ARTST will promote these to new potential audiences as well as existing fans.

ARTST’s message:

To check out the RT website and join the community.

The incentive: To become part of a large and respected international community of amazing people and to be entertained by Rooster Teeth & Achievement Hunter’s comedic antics and informative communication, as we all are.

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