RTOZ 2012, that’s a wrap!

As part of a big campaign to spread the word about Red vs. Blue in at Supanova Pop Culture Expo (Sydney & Perth) Australia, as well as pay a visit to some very adoring fans down under; Burnie Burns and Gavin Free had star struck fans lining up for hours during the periods they were signing in the ever incredible RTOZ sponsor company, Hanabee booth, as well as their Q&A sessions being jamb packed on both days of the convention.

During the convention weekend, the Australian Rooster Teeth fan run Association, Roo Teeth ran it’s annual fan event: RTOZ at Strike Bowling Lounge in Moore Park’s Entertainment Quarter. Last year RTOZ was held in Melbourne, alongside Armageddon Expo, & had 150 attendees to the Saturday night event. This year, Founder & Head Coordinator, Caiti Ward, was slightly more ambitious, capping ticket sales at 300.

As a special treat to the 300 Rooster Teeth & RvB fans who attended RTOZ, Burnie Burns and Gavin Free made an appearance to host their own private Q&A at the event and hang out with the people who had travelled from as far as New Zealand to be there. Fans say that the RTOZ panel was the highlight of their whole weekend in Sydney, being there for the combination of RTOZ and the Pop Culture Expo, Supanova.

The night consisted of bowling, laser tag, Xbox competitions, prizes, food and for the 18+’s – alcohol. Combining these things with the exclusive Rooster Teeth Q&A with Burnie and Gav, it’s not wonder attendees were saying the following;

“I have to say that weekend was one of the greatest of my life and I had so much fun that it will stay with me forever.” – Attendee mammal from RoosterTeeth.com

“Best birthday present from my Girlfriend and Brother-in-law ever. Of all time.” – Attendee Kirostratus from RoosterTeeth.com

“New friends were made, and I am not going to forget that night in a while (which is strange considering the amount of alcohol that was consumed that night).” – Mark Tamburen, member of the Roo Teeth Community.

“I have to say thanks to all the volunteers, the Kiwi’s for travelling as far as they did and Caiti and the Sponsor Hanabee for an amazing night!” – Saun Tonkin-McAtee, member of the Roo Teeth Community.

You can keep coming back to www.rooteeth.com to keep updated on the Roo Teeth Associations’s upcoming events and gatherings, which are held all around Australia!

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Humans vs. Zombies

To Whom It May Concern,

We are receiving reports of odd behaviour around the Randwick area of Sydney, Australia.

These reports are quite troubling as they contain… information that is unheard of.
There have been cases of average people turning feral, as if they have caught a disease from some kind of animal.
Particular cases have included severe human violence, which then leads to the most troubling part. The humans that survive seem to be.. infecting one another.
I’m worried that this has become an epidemic. Why haven’t we heard anything about it yet? These people need help!

We need someone to – wait…What’s that noise?

No.. NO!

Roo Teeth presents; Humans vs. Zombies.

Are you ready for the epidemic?