If you’re as enthusiastic about the Rooster Teeth Community in Australia as we are and you want to take an active role in making Roo Teeth the best it can be, why not register to volunteer!

We keep this page updated with all the positions available for enthusiastic volunteers to apply for, so always check back if you’re interested!

We ask that anyone registering or applying for positions remember that this is strictly a volunteer association and none of us receive any income for the work we do. We do, however, receive tons of gratitude from the amazing community – but most of all, seeing that what we do helps to establish and strengthen relationships within the Australian Rooster Teeth community makes all the work worth it!

Positions currently available:

- There are currently no positions available with Roo Teeth, but stay tuned for a volunteer call out for RTOZ this November.

If you have any question about volunteering for Roo Teeth, please don’t hesitate to contact us using info@rooteeth.com

As always, thank you immensely for your continued support of the Australian Rooster Teeth  Community and Roo Teeth.

2 thoughts on “Volunteering

  1. I don’t mind what I do but I would happy to be either the community manager, interstate representative for QLD or Convention and Event Consultant.

  2. Hey guys, the opportunity to work with the roosterteeth crew would be a great opportunity for myself to help with the community I spend most my time watching content anyway, thanks heaps guys.

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